Who is Frido?

FRIDO is a healing art that goes beyond what can be achieved with hands alone. It combines the energies of nature, cacao, and art to create a collision of stars, a dance of colors, flavors, and history. FRIDO is not limited to one person; it encompasses the bohemian, astrologer, poet, and muse, the alchemist, lover, and stargazer. As a teacher and guide, FRIDO unlocks deep mysteries, honors sacred rituals, and inspires a new way of life. FRIDO is a call to return to our truth and the art of healing.



What is Frido?

Frido demands a leap of faith. With this project, a theme that has been dragging on from past lives ends, marking a profound transformation in the meaning of the seed itself.

Frido proposes an avant-garde vision of the meaning of unconditional love towards the collective, creating loving, beautiful, sincere and protective structures from Cacao.

Providing a philosophical, creative touch managing to intertwine emotions with the importance of spiritual growth. Frido organises spiritual rituals of divine connection and self-knowledge using Cacao as a vehicle for that conjunction.