FRIDO is a healer,

Who works beyond what can be made with hands alone;
through Cacao, art,and the energies of nature.

Is the collision of stars, 

The dance of colours, flavours, and history.

FRIDO is not one person. FRIDO is everyone.

The bohemian,

The astrologer, the poet, and muse, 

The alchemist, lover, and stargazer;

FRIDO is a teacher and a guide

to unlocking deep mysteries,

to honouring, and creating sacred rituals.

Frido is a call to return to our truth, a new way of life.

Frido is the art of healing.



FRIDO is a call to return to your truth.

To reconnect you to the earth, to nature; to yourself.

We are here to guide the rediscovery of our approach to chocolate, through the experience of its true form, and purest origin: Cacao; naturally vegan, powerfully nourishing, and antioxidant-rich.

Our focus is on the purity and soul-awakening properties of Cacao and it’s transformative effects on the mind, body, and spirit. Cacao is the fruit that revitalizes the soul, awakens the heart, and keeps our bodies in good health.

Our connection to Cacao is our journey to reconnection with nature.

Throughout history, Cacao was considered the greatest possession and a gift from the Gods, and so has been included as a central part of healing rituals for centuries. We look to and honor the Aztec and Mayans’ deeply divine relationship and sacred rituals with Cacao to start the journey back to the deepest connection of our souls, to guide the return to our true nature.