Cacao wounds belong to us.

It is the wound of our ancestors. It is the wound of our roots. It is the wound of our memory. It is the wound of our history.


A wound that we believe forgotten. A wound that we do not see, because those traditions, rituals and ceremonies are far from us. It is lived in the “Great Ceremony of the Lie”. And in each lie we return to the past, to our historical memory.


What is the root of our Cacao wound?

The marketing and commercialization. The economic interest above human, spiritual and ancestral interests. He does not respect and is not preserving.

To respect you have to know the value. To know the value you have to live the process of each member who lives and dies. Go to the root.

Do you want to know about Cacao? Do you want to do a ceremony? Do you want to give a course to teach them how to be a Cacao practitioner? Go meet his wound. the wound of cacao and its guardians. Those people who continue to fight for the generational tradition. These guardians of Cacao are refuges of Light and Peace. Love and humility.


We are left with a compromise with the sacred plant that has given us a purpose in this life. Our commitment to the guide who gave us his space, time and knowledge.It is a wound that is looking for new ways to heal. Let’s be one of them.