Is important to separate the “Origin” of the tree itself, and that of the chocolate making process.

Who inventor had discovered by 1800 BC the complex method of converting this seed into chocolate?

In spite of decades of research and speculation, there is still no general agreement about the origin of cultivated Theobroma Cacao. It was probably the Olmecs who first domesticated this plant, or at least discovered the Chocolate process.

As a result we could considerably think that the Olmecs were the first farmers  to take care of the cacao and the most precious value: The soil.

Soil is ultimately the source of all life, “for dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return”. The roots of a plant grow in soil, and through them plants obtain water and the most of the nutrients necessary to growth.  Considering these facts, it would seem logical to regard soil not as just a medium of growing plants, but as a living system where healthy soil is alive through the presence of microbial life, being strongly friable, and nutritionally well balanced.

FRIDO is proudly, sustainably and directly imported from local farmers from various regions in the South of Mexico. Grown in agroforests (a farming system focused on natural conservation and preservation) surrounded by different types of fruits, flowers, and spices, where the soils are renowned for being rich with nutrients as a result. What is cultivated and shared with you is the most perfect of ‘God’s fruit’; Cacao.