Cacao Starter Subscription




– 1 Bag (250g) of any Flavour or Mix Bag.
– 1 Frido Stick blender. This only applies in  your first month.
– 1 Ticket to our Frido Events
– 10% off in all our Products

Additional information

Starter 250 Bag

Mexican Chocolate, The Middle Red 50%, Vanilla 60%, The Great Darkest 70%, Chilli 70%, Cardamom 70%, Frido Soul 100%


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How to make it

Bring 220mLs of water to a light simmer (60°C). Combine 2-3 tablespoons (20-30g) of your Mexican Chocolate or 1 Frido Cacao coin with your water into a tall vessel.

To prepare your cacao 

Insert the molinillo and begin to roll the handle back and forth between your palms to combine the mixture. Continue until a creamy foam develops at the surface.

The Modern Way
Carefully blend your mixture with a stick blender for around 2 minutes until creamy and foamy at the surface.

Frido Cacao