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Our cacao Manifesto.FRIDO reconnects EARTH and NATURE.It's not about chocolate, let's go back to our roots. We recover the traditional way of drinking cacao. And let's be serious about this. The real cacao powder is without milk and sugar. For Aztecs and Mayas, they drink it with water, honey and chilli.Cacao was seen as the greatest “possession” someone could have, a gift from the Gods, as part of rituals and for the upper class, also as money. From Chiapas (Soconusco y Pichucalco) and Tabasco (Comalcalco y Cunduacán), which soils are wet and with a lot of nutrients, borns FRIDO’s soul and blood, turned into God’s fruit, cacao. The reincarnation to honor the millenary divine drink of Aztecs and Mayans. can use this widget to input text into the page.