FRIDO Cacao Rituals – Workshops are Open. 

We want to offer you a more Authentic Mexican Cacao Ritual. 

For the last few years, people have been asking if we were doing Cacao Ceremonies, we always say No. Our commitment was to find the truth of the Cacao Journey, a reason to connect deeper with what we sharing. 

When the CACAO is not the Main Character, the CACAO spirit is not happy. 

We need more connection with Nature, how we do this is to tell you the story of the seed, the plant, the beautiful flower, the tree, the fruit. 

First, we need to understand the Cacao Journey!! 

FRIDO is using astrology, shamanic knowledge, herbal cleansing, the drums, the rhythm and dancing to help us go to the SYMBOLIC FRUIT OF CACAO, which means our HEART.


The Journey:

  • – Astrology Circle – Signs and elements. 
  • -Cleansing Ritual – smoke, water and vibration.
  • -The Cacao Journey – drink as a Ritual. 
  • -Shamanic Mexican Ritual- copal incense.
  • -Guardian Animal – clay painting.
  • -Dancing with instruments. 
  • -Mirror Therapy.
  • -Silence Gratitud.


Healing Facilitators: 

  • – Ruy Anaya – Mexican Shamanic Practitioner.
  • -Kynzha Eleonora – Mhysqa Energy Healer – Hummingbird Spirit Ways.


Hosting by:

-Karem Aldana – Cacao Advocate – Events Director.

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