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Why Raw Organic Cacao Beans Are Far Better Than Chocolate

Undoubtedly, chocolate remains to be the most popular not only as a delicacy but also as a gift option. Although chocolates come from cacao and offer many health benefits, they are associated with several health risks.


But why is chocolate unhealthy when it originally came from cacao? Because chocolates are processed. To make chocolates, several ingredients, such as vanilla, sugar, cocoa butter and milk, are blended together and create this decadent.


With the high sugar and saturated fat content of chocolates, people are now turning to healthier alternatives. One alternative that is getting a lot of attention these days is raw organic cacao beans.


Cacao has a long and illustrious history in the Mesoamerican indigenous cultures, dating back 4,000 years to present-day Mexico. The Aztecs, Maya and Olmecs all believed that cacao was a gift from the gods. They enjoyed raw cacao beans benefits in a variety of meals, including mystical beverages and invigorating breakfasts. Mayans used chocolate drinks for important celebrations.


Unfortunately, not many people are aware that raw cacao beans are far better than chocolate. If you are one of those who want to know the reasons why, this article will give you useful insights. Read on.

Nutritional Benefits of Cacao

There is a reason why cacao became the ‘food of the gods’. Cacao is high in antioxidants and other minerals. It contains a lot of iron and magnesium, in addition to being low in sugar. Because there is no milk in cacao, pure cacao benefits may also be enjoyed by people who are lactose intolerant.

• Cacao Beans Are an Excellent Source of Antioxidants.

Raw cacao beans contain more than 300 different compounds, including over 20 different vitamins and minerals. Cacao has more antioxidants than any other food in the world. These antioxidants help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

• Cacao Beans Are Also a Natural Source of Fibre.

In addition to being a good source of antioxidants, raw cacao beans are also a natural source of fibre. Fibre is important for promoting regularity and keeping the digestive system healthy. It can also help to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

• Cacao Is High in Theobromine

Theobromine is a stimulant that is similar to caffeine. It can help to increase alertness and improve mood. Theobromine is also known to have some positive effects on blood pressure and heart health.

Why Choose Cacao Over Chocolate

Consuming too many chocolates results in excess weight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, raw cacao nutrients help in preventing these diseases. 


One of the main reasons why chocolate is harmful to your health is that it comes with sugar and unhealthy fats. But, you can choose a healthy alternative. 


Cacao beans are a healthy snack option because they are low in sugar and fat. In fact, cacao beans are almost entirely fat-free. They are also a good source of fibre, which can help to keep you feeling full and satisfied after eating.

What Is the Difference Between Raw Cacao and Chocolates?

Although chocolate comes from cacao beans, health-wise, there is a big difference between the two.

• Chocolate is processed and lacks antioxidants.

Processed chocolate has had many of its natural nutrients removed. This includes a significant amount of the antioxidants that are found in cacao beans. As a result, chocolate does not provide the same health benefits as cacao.


The first step in the chocolate-making process is to roast the cocoa beans. Roasting transforms the colour and flavour of the beans into what our contemporary palates expect from superior chocolate. The outer shell of the cocoa beans is removed, and the inner bean meat is chopped into tiny pieces known as ‘cocoa nibs’.


Chocolate is made by adding milk, sugar and other unhealthy ingredients to cacao, which significantly decreases cacao’s nutritional value. Cacao beans are also a natural source of antioxidants, whilst chocolate contains less.

• Raw cacao beans are a good source of nutrients and antioxidants.

Raw cacao beans are simply cacao beans that have not been roasted. These beans are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that offer a wide range of health benefits.


Raw cacao nutrients are an excellent source of magnesium. In fact, just one ounce of raw cacao beans contains 64 mg of magnesium. Magnesium is known to be beneficial for heart, bone and for managing diabetes.


Moreover, raw cacao beans are a good source of iron. Just one ounce of raw cacao beans contains 3.3 mg of iron. Iron is essential for the production of haemoglobin, which transports oxygen in the blood.


So what happens to your body when you regularly consume raw cacao?


  • Antioxidants protect your cells
  • Better sleep
  • Boost energy
  • Mental sharpness

Why Are Cacao Nibs Better Than Chocolate?

Cacao nibs are made from crushed cacao beans. They retain all of the antioxidants and nutrients of raw cacao beans and are a good source of fibre, iron, magnesium and zinc. Unlike chocolate, cacao nibs do not contain any sugar or unhealthy fats. They are also a healthier alternative to chocolate as they contain no artificial ingredients.


Cacao nibs are a great way to enjoy the health benefits of cacao without the sugar and unhealthy fats found in chocolate. They are also a healthy alternative to other snacks such as chips or cookies.

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